“My vision for IDA is to be the leading academy in Scandinavia in regards to education in both dental and aesthetic injection.”

- Israa Oraibi

Isrora Dental & Academy is an outstanding dental academy that offers courses for  dentists, nurses, and doctors in Sweden and the world. 

We harbor professional trainer licensed and  certified by the Aesthetic Injection Council and have worked for 10 years in various institutions. A visit to our institution will expose you to a detailed and intense training schedule that will push for immediate registration.

We care for people from all walks of life; thus, our staff professionally handles our customers honorably to enable them to achieve their career goals. Whatever vision you have in matters of dental care or aesthetic medicine, Isrora Dental & Academy is your destination. 

With our highly-trained and long-serving trainer, you will get step-by-step guidance to strengthen your knowledge and practice to meet your vision.

All our trainees are exposed to practical training, making them ready for the Kunskapsprovet once they complete their classes. Undoubtedly, our training equipment is the most coveted one, with world-class handlers. We partner with top-notch manufacturers to get reliable equipment and products that enhance the quality of our hands-on training.

What we offer

Isrora Dental & Academy offers exceptional preparation Courses for dentists with a degree outside the EU as one of the first dental academy in Sweden. 

It also provides courses for healthcare professionals in both Dental Care and Aesthetic Injection Treatments. 

The preparation courses for dentists with degrees outside the European Union empower the students with critical knowledge of the dental care legislation in Sweden before they begin their careers in the country. One gets prerequisite knowledge and skills as outlined by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

All our trainees undergo rigorous examinations to test their skills and content mastery during the training. Some examinations will be in the form of practicals, assessments, and assignments. 

A visit to our institution will expose you to our detailed and intense training schedule that will push for immediate registration. Quality and satisfaction are all we impart to our trainees and clients. 

Why choose Isrora Dental & Academy training?






Do you want to advance your healthcare career? Get competitive employment opportunities? Nature your dental skills? Network with international healthcare providers? Do not hesitate. Quickly enroll for a monumental training with us. 

Isrora Dental & Academy sharpen your skills for the world. 

Your trainer is certified by the Aesthetic Injection Council

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