For you with a dental degree from a country outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland

For those of you who have an education from a country other than one within the EU, EEA or Switzerland, there are two ways to get Swedish licence.

Either you take the steps in the process prescribed by the National Board of Health and Welfare on your own or you take a one year supplementary course.

For you who want to complete the steps on your own

STEP 1 Send your papers to the National Board of Health and Welfare for review

You do not need to know Swedish to have your education reviewed.

You send a certificate of your language skills at the latest when you apply for identification or at step2.3.

To demonstrate your language skills, you must have an approved grade or certificate in one of the following:

In the meantime, you can work in a healthcare profession that does not require licence, such as an assistant nurse, dental nurse or pharmacy technician.

STEP 2 Take a proficiency test

Once you have had your education reviewed, the next step is to take a proficiency test.

The test is in Swedish and you therefore need to know the language to pass the test.

Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm arranges the test and it contains a theoretical part and a practical part.

You must pass the theoretical part before you can do the practical part.

The documents in the folder below are good to read before the theoretical part.

Materials for the theoretical part 

For those of you who want tools to pass the practical part of the test, register for the TLU course or contact us via email 

STEP 3 Take a course in Swedish laws and regulations

The course is web-based and you register at Umeå University

STEP 4 Undergo clinical training

You must find a workplace yourself where you can do your clinical training, your employer then applies for a special authorization.

When you have completed your clinical training, your manager and supervisor must fill in a certificate of your clinical training with the application for licence.

For you who choose the supplementary course

The supplementary course are available at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, at the University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg and at Malmö University. The goal is that after completing the education you must have the knowledge and skills required for you to be able to apply for licence with the National Board of Health and Welfare and work as a dentist in Sweden. The supplementary course is full-time for 1 year. During the course, theoretical studies are interspersed with clinical practice.

Here you can read more about the education in Stockholm

Here you can read more about the education in Gothenburg

Here you can read more about the education in Malmö

For more information, read on the National Board of Health and Welfare's website